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NIH - Aging in Place

National Institute of Health

Dec 13, 2021


Tips from NIA

Do you want to grow old in your own home? Check out these tips from NIA to help you #ageinplace:

Living at home as you age requires careful planning. Get ideas on how to make your home safer & more accessible:

Check out these 6 tips from the National Institute on Aging to make your home safer as you get older:


Many older adults want to "age in place" - stay in their own homes as they get older - but may have concerns about safety, getting around, or other daily activities. A few changes could make your home easier and safer to live in and help you continue to live independently.

Don't use area rugs and check that all carpets are fixed firmly to the floor.
Replace handles on doors or faucets with ones that are comfortable for you to use.
Install grab bars near toilets and in the tub or shower.
Reduce fall hazards: place no-slip strips or non-skid mats on tile and wood floors or surfaces that may get wet.

Place light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and remember to turn on night lights.
Install a ramp with handrails to the front door.
Learn more about aging in place.

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